Having graduated with a Music degree from The University of Manchester in July 2019, Sophie is currently working as a freelance peripatetic flute, singing and music theory tutor. Working with and adapting to a variety of people of different ages, skills and abilities.

With a training in classical singing, Sophie has been part of many choirs including the University of Manchester Cosmo Singers and Ad Solem. Another passion of Sophie’s is playing the flute. Using these two instruments, she has been part of many ensembles and performances, from large Opera casts to smaller 4 part ensembles; singing and playing a mix of classical, Renaissance and folk music. Out of this has grown a love for singing in small, close harmony ensembles and the The Apex Singers has fuelled this love.

Sophie's favourite music to listen to and play is folk music, The Apex Singers' ‘Hiraeth’ project was an amazing way to learn and enjoy new exciting folk music.