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Hailing from the West of Ireland, Niamh Feeney is a vocalist who studied music at the University of Manchester. She has been a member of several choirs such as Ad Solem Chamber Choir, The Cosmo Singers and University Chorus.


Niamh is a singer with MSC Big Band performing jazz and neo-soul tracks and also forms one third of indie-folk trio Café Spice, performing all over the UK & Ireland.


Niamh uses her practical knowledge and education to curate music sessions and songwriting workshops with multiple organisations such as Visible Choir, Streetwise Opera and Theatre in Prisons & Probation. She is passionate about bringing together her love of singing with her belief in the power of the arts to change lives.


Moving from Ireland to the UK, joining the Apex Singers has given Niamh the unique opportunity to return to folk singing.